Our Farm:

Nested between the two largest fingerlakes in upstate New York, 100 acres of pasture serve as home to our herd of buffalo.

At Ithaca Water Buffalo we run a natural-pastured based water buffalo farm meaning:

Whenever possible our buffalo are outside:

We use an intensive rotational grazing system to both promote the productivity of the grass pastures and build topsoil, taking advantage of the natural topography of the land.

We supplement the buffalo with hay purchased in from our neighbors including round bales from a rotational organic soybean farm and small square bales from the grasslands adjacent to the wineries.

We do not use rBST or pesticides or herbicides on our farm.

The creamery where we process our yogurt, also operated by us, is located less than 5 miles from the farm.

The barn
The grass is always greener where there's good manure